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Thursday21 June 2018

Ginger-Coconut Barramundi

Vegetarian/vegan option served with baked coconut pumpkin.

Baked Barramundi infused with a south-east Asian herbs and spices on a base of brown rice with steamed bok choi, broccoli, snow peas and shaved green papaya. Topped with a fragrant ginger broth, coriander and spring onions. Banana, smashed berry, and Greek yoghurt mess topped with crumble for dessert.

With dessert: $30.00 Without dessert $25.00

Optional Extras:
- Pot of extra steamed greens $6.00
- Emma and Tom’s – Karma Rama Smoothie $5.00
- San Pellegrino sparkling water 500mL $4.00
- Carman’s Roasted Nut Bar $3.00